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Vegan Italian Amatriciana

Italian Amatriciana, Italian pasta

Italian Amatriciana, Italian pasta, involves a famous traditional Italian dish, and possibly one of the most beloved by Italians. Even after the earthquake’s destruction that unfortunately destroyed the dish’s homeland Amatrice  (Abruzzo), the dish still holds a place in many hearts. Italian Amatriciana has several different variations but, at its base, it has easy-to-find ingredients such as tomato and pasta. Amatriciana was born as a spaghetti sauce and only after arriving in Rome, was it shown to be best served with a special spaghetti-like pasta like bucatini.

What if you want to enjoy this incredibly yummy recipe but you want to convert it into a vegan dish? The smoked bacon that used in the original Italian recipe can be easily replaced with a very good compromise such as smoked tofu or soy wurstels. The alternate Amatriciana sauce with tofu as a substitute is the best and healthier option to boost the several benefits of a light and tasty recipe.


The Recipe:

Italian Amatriciana, Italian pasta



10 minutes



15 minutes




1 pound spaghetti or fettuccine pasta, cooked

12 oz. of tomato paste

3 cups diced tomatoes

2 T extra virgin olive oil (vegetable broth can be used)

1/4 cup. of white wine

8 oz smoked tofu or soy wurstel

a pinch chili power

black pepper and salt to taste

Vegan parmesan (optional)


Preparation :


Cut tofu into cubes. Put frying pan on medium-high heat, drizzle pan with a light coating of oil. Place tofu in pan. Then, when tofu is hot, pour the wine and let it evaporate. Add the tomato paste with salt and chili, stir, then place lid and set to low heat.


Meanwhile, cook the whole box of spaghetti for time stated on box, drain when al dente, Combine sauce and spaghetti. Serve and sprinkle with black pepper and, if you want, some vegan parmesan.




Tofu is best know for being used in China and Japan, and we have been taking the steps in the past few years in Italy to bring it to popularity. Many are reluctant to use it because they say it is tasteless. With good marinade, the tofu becomes appetizing. Various types of tofu at your health food store can be found besides the smoked tofu used in this recipe, basil, tomato tofu with velvety tofu fungi, or tofu cream cheese to spread.


Benefits of tofu

Tofu is a 100% vegetable food. It does not contain gluten and is therefore a food suitable for those who suffer from celiac disease. Tofu is a source of vegetable and mineral salts, especially calcium, taking into account that the tofu prepared with calcium sulfate contains more of it.


Tofu has a very low glycemic index. For those who are diabetic or need to monitor the blood glucose it may be interesting to know that the glycemic index of tofu is 15.



Extra Tips:

If you want to boost the healthy value of this recipe you can use wholegrain pasta to enjoy the great benefits and nutritious properties.


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