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Welcome to Vegan Globetrotter!

Let’s take a trip around the world together! We’ll show you how to create healthy plant-based foods from countries and regions around the world, right in your own kitchen. Entertain your guests in style. Serve new flavors to your family. Boost your health while tantalizing your taste buds. We’ve collected authentic recipes from around the world. Each recipe has been carefully reworked to create a healthy vegan version with all the flavor and texture of the original.


Most of our recipes use widely available ingredients and simple techniques. When special ingredients prove necessary, we’ll note that. We’ll also show you helpful hints to make preparation easier. In addition, look for special serving tips for that extra WOW factor! Additionally, look for special entertainment and serving ideas. We’ll show you how to cook ahead to save last minute time. Considering an “around the world” party? Consider tapas! We’ll show you how.


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How Plant-Based Diet Can Reverse Heart Disease

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Benefits of Saffron for Health & Cooking

Saffron is a spice used for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine. It is known for its unique flavor, vibrant color, and numerous health benefits. In this blog, we delve into the world of saffron and explore its nutritional profile, health benefits, and culinary uses. We also discuss the potential side effects of consuming saffron and...

Butternut Squash Hummus

Hummus, a famous Middle Eastern dip made from chickpeas, has taken the culinary world by storm with its creamy texture and delicious flavors. But have you ever thought about adding a twist to this classic recipe? Enter vegan butternut squash hummus – a delightful variation that combines roasted butternut squash's earthy sweetness with traditional...

Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Vegan Garlic Smashed Potatoes are a delightful twist on the classic comfort food. This recipe offers a healthier and cruelty-free alternative to traditional mashed potatoes, without compromising on taste or texture. Bursting with the bold flavors of garlic and herbs, this dish is perfect as a side or even as the star of the show. In this article,...

Hot Recipes

Vegan Seitan Turkey Roast

If you’re looking for a delicious, cruelty-free thanksgiving meal, give vegan seitan turkey roast a try! You (and your taste buds) won’t be disappointed.

vegan holiday recipe

30mins Easy to Cook

This recipe for vegan seitan turkey roast is perfect for Thanksgiving Day. The seitan roast is made with wheat gluten, which gives it a chewy texture that resembles meat. It is flavored with sage, Rosemary, thyme, and vegan chicken spices. Best of all, stuffed with vegan butter sauce!

chicken flavor seasoning

Chik'n Seasoning - Chicken Flavor Seasoning

Looking for a chicken flavor seasoning recipe?  Use this recipe to flavor any of the meat substitutes, including tofu. We keep a glass jar of it ready to use with our spice collection. However, if you prefer, mix up the single serving amount each time you need.

vegan meat substitutes

Gluten and Tofu as Meat Substitutes

And now, the key recipes for vegan meat subsitutes…Gluten also called Seitan




vegan cheese recipes

Vegan Cheese Recipes, Cheezz

In our vegan cheese recipes, we use the term “Cheezz” as they are not dairy cheese. However, our vegan cheese recipes are used to create a cheese-like flavor.

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