Key Recipes – Vegan Substitutes We Use

Key Recipes for Vegan Substitutes We Use in These Recipes


Vegan substitutes help us create authentic foods without meat, dairy, and eggs. While many recipes require none of these, these substitutes create extra flavor and texture when we use.

Vegan substitutes

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Main Ingredients in our vegan substitutes….


Soy takes many forms.

vegan substitutes

Soy beans, also known as edamame


Look for tofu, tempeh, TVP, Miso, Natto, edamame, flour. Some of our recipes use soy, primarily tofu and tempeh, and miso as they offer many options for adding protein and texture.

Some people need to avoid soy for allergy, health, or just personal choice reasons. If this applies to you, refer to other meat options or just add more of the other ingredients.

A Vegan Doctor Addresses Soy Myths


If you do choose to use soy, please look for non-GMO, organic products. Your health will thank you!



Gluten offers another meat substitute.


vegan substitutes

Wheat in field


Gluten, proteins that are found in wheat and some other grains, are used in some of our recipes. Often referred to as wheat meat, gluten finds its way into many prepared foods in various forms.

Properly prepared, gluten might be enjoyed by meat lovers without hesitation due to the texture and ability to pick up flavors. Those with celiac disease need to avoid gluten entirely.  Others sometimes wish to avoid gluten due to health concerns. We recommend discussing this with your doctor. About 1% of our population cannot eat gluten. The rest of us might benefit from a non-GMO organic gluten product.


 You might also read Dr. McDougall on Gluten-Free Diets for more detailed information.



Cashews and Almonds

The cashew nut and the Almond fruit that we refer to as an almond nut, are used in our recipes in several ways. Each offers many health benefits.

We use them whole, ground, and in a liquid form. These nutrition powerhouses help create some of our finest cuisines. These and other vegan substitutes actually exist in the authentic form of many recipes, too.


vegan subsitutes

Cashew Tree


Cashew Health Benefits



vegan substitute

Almond fruit (nut)


Almond Health Benefits








 Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast, usually of the strain of  Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Unlike our baking yeast which activates to cause the rising effect in bread, nutritional yeast offers many health benefits.

We use it for its nutrition, but also for its cheesy flavor. You will find it used in many of our recipes as it’s among our favorite ingredients. Additionally, it contains no cholesterol or saturated fat. It boasts a good source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins and is low calorie, low fat, and low sodium.


And now, the key recipes for vegan substitutes

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