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recommended kitchen and dining products we love

Our recommended kitchen and dining products page showcases the products we love to use. In fact, these products make cooking and serving meals much more enjoyable!


Healthy ingredients, great recipes, and useful hints help you create wonderful foods for your family’s health. However, using tools and utensils that make preparing your favorite meals easier! In addition, we offer suggestions for storage and serving products.

Only high priced items on our
Recommended kitchen and dining products we love list?


Whenever possible, we offer products for the budget-minded, as well as those seeking higher quality. However, we describe the pros and cons to allow you to make the best choice for yourself.

We’d love to hear from you, too! Please share your experience with the products we recommend. Also, let us know of products you love and would like to see included here.


Recommended Kitchen and Dining Products We Love

Kitchen Appliances and Tools

Instant Pot


What is it? Think of a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot. Indeed, this single appliance does the job of seven different kitchen appliances or tools.

Truly a multi-appliance, many consider an Instant Pot a basic necessity. However, some cooks still prefer the individual appliances, rather than a multi-purpose one. But, for those with limited space, the Instant Pot may very well save space while allowing many cooking options.

Pros:  nice size (8 qt) and fully programmable. Stainless steel interior for healthier cooking; easy to clean.
Cons: We have not found any problems with this unit. Smaller families might prefer a smaller size.


We recommend the Instant Pot DUO80.      



8 Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot


What is it? We use our stock pots for many uses. The 8 qt and his bigger brothers (12 Qt, 16 Qt for us) offer space to make soup stock, cook pasta, and boil our gluten batches.

A basic in our kitchen, many consider one or more stockpots to be a kitchen necessity.  They do take storage space in the kitchen. However, we keep them easily accessible as they allow many cooking options.

Pros: Heavy duty, triple layer construction. Even heat distribution. 8 qt size is good for most households. Lid fits well.
Cons: 8 qt is not large enough for some functions (we keep several sizes)


We recommend the Finnhomey 8 Qt Stock Pot  


Slow Cooker


What is it?  A slow cooker cooks overnight or during the day without needing constant watching. We use our slow cookers frequently. In fact, we have four that we use most weeks for soups, stews, pudding, pot roast, and much more!

The Hamilton Beach model we recommend has a unique hinged lid.  It is not a fancy programmable slow cooker (those are nice, we just don’t find we need them) but works very well and is easy to clean. I purchased mine (same model) in 2013 and still use it today!

Pros: Easy to clean, large size, hinged lid for easy access, removable for cleaning; simple design, ceramic interior is easy to clean, unit is sturdy
Cons: some might consider the manual design a con (we do not as we don’t need programmable). It might be larger than some families need.


We recommend the Hamilton Beach 7 Qt Slow Cooker    

Immersion Blender


What is it?  An immersion blender, sometimes called a stick blender, offers a simple solution to those times you don’t need the full-sized blender. They work well for making small smoothies, blending gravies, and making creamy soups and mashed potatoes.

The Kitchen Aid model we recommend does all that and much more. One of the features we like best about this model is the detachable arm which is a full 8″ long. It lets us use it in deep pots and large bowls.

Pros: Easy to clean, large size, comes apart for cleaning and storage, and comes with a handy storage case.
Cons: This unit is only about 200W which seems to be plenty for anything we have used it for, but some might want a stronger wattage (we’ll be testing and adding one of these soon, too!). Also, the extra implements are very useful, but can also complicate life when you try to decide which will work best.

We recommend the Hamilton Beach 7 Qt Slow Cooker    

recommended kitchen and dining products we love

Recommended Kitchen and Dining Products We Love


Pots & Pans, Cooking Utensils



recommended kitchen and dining products we love
recommended kitchen and dining products we love

Recommended Kitchen and Dining Products We Love


DinnerWare, TableWare, Misc



recommended kitchen and dining products we love

Glass is easier to clean and does not leach like plastics can. These glass containers are very well made. The lids snap on easily, too.

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