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Tunisian Market Jelbena



Tunisian Market jelbena, or beans sauce as translated in English, is one of the oldest yet most used recipes in most of the families in Tunisia! For years and years now, Tunisian families enjoy cooking and eating it as a  main course meal thanks to its special flavors and secret preparation that might differ from one family to the other, yet the basics are the same. So now, let’s proceed to the preparation!






olive oil

½ onion

1 tbs salt

½ tbs harissa ( or any other hot sauce if you don‘t find it)

½ tbs concentrated tomato

½ tbs curcum ( Tunisian spicy flavor) or turmeric

2 fresh mashed tomatoes

1-2 jalapeno  peppers *optional* (to add spice to the whole thing )

14 oz of fresh beans (or drained, rinsed canned)

2 to 3 cups of water

2 gold potatoes





Start by heating the olive oil on a medium fire in a pan and a few minutes later putting in the onions and salt, cook until onions are translucent.

Add curcum, harissa, concentrated tomato and lower the heat and seize the time to mash the 2 fresh tomatoes.

Add half a cup of water if you’re afraid it’s sticking, add the fresh tomatoes.

Wait a little bit and then add 2 cups of water ( half a liter)

5 minutes later, turn off the heat.

Now , put the beans and turn on the heat again after a few minutes and let them cook until the beans get tender

Verify there is no lack of water in there.

Finally add the peppers and potatoes.

Once the peppers and potatoes get a little tender, your meal is fully ready ! Now , you can enjoy it !

Now the sauce is half liquid and half full of beans and potatoes. Taste it,either with a spoon or with bread. bon appetit!


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