Diabetes Type 2, Diet related?

Should you switch to a vegan diet for diabetes prevention or reversal?  Will eating primarily plant-based foods make a difference in your blood glucose numbers?

The short answer is, it depends. Switching to a plant-based diet and balancing your nutrients has been shown to prevent and indeed even reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Vegan Diet for Diabetes


Foods ideal for diabetics abound in our world. We call them diabetes foods. We create an outstanding diet for diabetes by carefully combining  various healthy vegan ingredients.

When we come down to the discussion about diabetes, a diet for diabetes prevention always remains on top of the list. People, who have been suffering from the diabetes control drugs’ side effects, search for a diet, a diet for diabetes reversal. However, finding the ideal diet may prove difficult.

According to the researchers, a vegan diet for diabetes  actually works wonders. Certified physicians also support the evidence by stating that a plant based diet is ideal for diabetics as it is low in fats, doesn’t contain harmful sugar and consists of many anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Research also shows that the medicines for diabetics can only assist the patients in balancing their sugar levels and not in fighting the disease itself or its symptoms.

But here’s the good news, there are foods that we call diabetes food. Healthy diets for diabetes reversal.

Let’s have a closer look at these magic diets in detail.


Vegan Diet for Diabetes is the Prescription

 The number of Diabetics in our world is horrifyingly alarming. Oral medications that are being prescribed over the years for diabetics can’t cure the disease by any means. These may keep the sugar levels under control but all of them have multiple side effects.

Hundreds of people face the most severe disorders associated with diabetes such as kidney failure, visual impairments, partial or total blindness, or sometimes even pancreatic cancer.

The biggest question arises here, what could be done? Where are we wrong? What should we do?

The diabetics have been grappling with the above-mentioned questions for years.

And now let’s talk about the easy, unnoticed answer. A diet for diabetes prevention as it is the only way to cure and more importantly reverse the disease and its symptoms.


Only a vegan diet for diabetes can solve the problem.


Foods ideal for diabetics abound in our world. We call them diabetes foods. We create an outstanding diet for diabetes by carefully combining  various healthy vegan ingredients.

Below are some of the recipes which have been tried and tested by patients all over the world and have benefitted a lot from them. Additionally, our site contains many more healthy vegan recipes. Enjoy recipes from all over the world, while maintaining healthy sugar levels!

With these diets, diabetes patients noted a huge improvement in their sugar levels and started feeling healthy again.

Before scheduling a diet for diabetes reversal, it is crucial to understand some key health points. In order to create a vegan diet for diabetes, one should look out for the following to maintain a healthy blood glucose level:

vegan diet for diabetes

Go For Low-Fat Substitutes, But Keep Natural


Thick fat based gravies should be avoided as much as they could be. The amount of sugar present in fat based thickening agents can be harmful to diabetics. On the other hand, opting for vegetable stocks and plant milk for gravies are not only low in sugar and fat but are also more flavorful.

Grilled Is Always Better Than Fried


Although a lot of recipes in a vegan diet for diabetes include organic plant oils, it is always better to make diabetes food in a grilled pan. Grilled foods have a very little amount of oil in it. The grilled ingredients are always more nutritious because they get grilled in their own juices and fluids.