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Waking up to the aroma of freshly made waffles is one of life’s simple pleasures. I recently had the chance to make this a reality with the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker.

BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker WM1404S: Top Choice for Brunch or Anytime!


The morning just got a whole lot better because, with a flip of the wrist, this nifty appliance churns out 7″ round Belgian waffles that are just begging to be drenched in syrup and topped with your favorites.


Its rotating and cooking system is quite the crowd-pleaser, giving you perfectly shaped treats every time.


Image of BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker


I appreciate practical features, and the “waffle ready” indicator light spared me from the guesswork of when to dive in. The machine is user-friendly, clearly designed to have a hassle-free breakfast experience.


Although, the nonstick surface is helpful, don’t shy away from a quick oil spray for an easy release.


A discussion on detractors is due, and indeed, the machine isn’t without quirks. It works well, but it’s light and feels less sturdy than some heavy-duty models. Yet, for its price point, it’s a trade-off that might make sense for many.

Bottom Line


Considering its ease of use, efficiency in delivering delightful waffles, and a user-friendly design, my experience with the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker has been positive.


It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to indulge in a waffle-filled breakfast with minimal fuss.


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Overview of the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker, WM1404S

I recently had the opportunity to use the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker and was quite impressed with its performance. The device’s standout feature is the rotate and cook system which allows for evenly cooked, fluffy Belgian waffles that are simply perfect for soaking up syrup and piling on toppings.


The nonstick surface impressed me as well. It ensures the waffles come off easily without tearing apart the delicate edges.


The ready light indicator is a convenient touch. It takes the guesswork out of knowing whether the waffles are fully cooked, which means no more lifting the lid too early and no more undercooked waffles.


This waffle maker is solidly built with a metal fabric that gives it a durable feel, and it operates manually, which I personally like as it gives me a better sense of control over the cooking process.


However, I must mention its weight, as it is quite light compared to other waffle makers. Some users might question its longevity because of this, but I found it a positive feature.


It’s easy to flip and doesn’t require much storage space. From my perspective, the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker nails what you’d want in a kitchen gadget dedicated to waffle making without unnecessary complexity.

Rotating Cook System


Recently, I whipped up some fabulous Belgian waffles with my Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker. Let me talk about the rotating cook system, which honestly makes all the difference.

Turning the waffle maker over after pouring in the batter is a breeze and ensures an even spread, resulting in perfectly consistent waffles every single time. It’s the kind of feature I didn’t know I needed until I used it, but now I can’t imagine making waffles any other way.


However, while flipping does help with even cooking, I’ve noticed that timing is still key. You’ll need to watch for the ready light indicator, a handy feature that tells you when the waffles have cooked thoroughly. It’s a straightforward system, but don’t walk away for too long, or you might overcook your breakfast.


Thankfully, the nonstick surface means cleaning up afterward is not a hassle, a relief for anyone like me who dislikes messy kitchen appliances.


No product is perfect, and I’d argue that this one could improve with an audible alert for when the waffles are done. But overall, the rotating cook function on this waffle maker has impressed me with its simplicity and effectiveness.

Nonstick Surface


Cooking with this waffle maker has been a breeze, thanks to its nonstick surface. I’ve found no need for extra oil or butter to keep the batter from sticking, which not only makes for an easier clean-up but also lends itself to somewhat healthier cooking practices.


However, the longevity of any nonstick coating is a concern. Over time and with frequent use, I’ve noticed that you need to maintain it carefully.


It’s crucial to use the right utensils to prevent scratching (soft plastics or wood) and never to clean it with abrasive sponges.


Despite the required care, the waffles slide out effortlessly whenever they are treated right. On the flip side, the nonstick feature isn’t invincible. I encountered times when bits of batter baked onto the surface, necessitating a bit of elbow grease to clean.


Ultimately, the nonstick quality of the waffle maker holds up well against the competition. It provides an ease of use that’s appreciated when you’re hungry and looking for a quick, fuss-free dish.


Just remember to handle it carefully. It should serve well in the long run.

Ready Light Indicator


On a busy morning, I’ve found the indicator light on this waffle maker to be incredibly handy. It takes the guesswork out of cooking, letting me know exactly when my waffles have reached that golden perfection. No more opening the lid too early to a mess or, even worse, ending up with overdone waffles.

However, this feature isn’t without its quirks. Sometimes, in my experience, the light can be a bit eager, turning on just before the waffle is actually fully cooked to my liking. So, while it’s useful, I’ve learned to use it as a guide rather than an absolute indicator.


After making a couple of batches, I got a feel for the perfect timing and the light’s help. It’s about finding that sweet spot between the light and your own preference for the ideal waffle.

Ease of Cleaning


Recently, I had the chance to whip up some breakfast with the Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker. After indulging in some fluffy Belgian waffles, the time came for the inevitable cleanup, an aspect I usually dread.


To my surprise, however, I found cleaning this waffle maker hassle-free.

The metal construction is solid, yet it didn’t pose any problems when wiping down. After unplugging the device and allowing it to cool, I easily wiped off the remnants of the batter with a damp cloth.


The flip feature is handy for cooking and ensures that no batter spills over the sides, which helps keep the surrounding area clean.


While the non-stick surface prevented the batter from clinging to the grid, I noticed that using a little non-stick spray before cooking made the cleanup smoother.


Although the plates are not removable, which could have made cleaning a bit more thorough, the non-stick quality of the plates meant that I didn’t have to scrub at all to get them clean.


In summary, my experience with the cleanup process for this waffle maker has been positive. The simplicity and user-friendliness in maintenance make this device one less worry in my kitchen routine.

Pros and Cons



After recently giving the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker a spin, I can share a few highlights that make it stand out.


Firstly, its metal construction imparts a sense of durability, which, in my experience, withstands regular use quite well. While the Texas heat soared, making stove cooking a chore, I found it a pleasure to make waffles without adding to the heat of the kitchen.


The waffle maker heats up quickly, and the ready light indicator is spot-on, eliminating guesswork. I must say, its performance is impressive. The waffles come out evenly cooked with a delightful crispness on the outside and a fluffy interior.


Also, the flip feature is no gimmick; it genuinely contributes to an evenly cooked waffle. And let’s not overlook the ease of cleaning; it’s a breeze!


Users will appreciate its straightforwardness, especially those navigating kitchen appliances for the first time. Its ease of use and maintenance are real pluses, and in my book, they add up to a dependable kitchen ally.



However, the waffle maker isn’t without its drawbacks. One issue is that the handle can feel a bit flimsy.


I’ve learned that it’s not alone. Another user mentioned their handle stand was breaking after a drop.


So, while the overall build is sturdy, be mindful when handling it, as its resilience appears to have limits.


Additionally, trial and error might be necessary to find the right amount of batter to prevent spillage, as the product does not provide specific guidance on this. It’s manageable but can get messy if you’re guessing.


Also, if you’re a culinary enthusiast craving advanced features like variable temperature controls, this model might not satisfy those needs. It’s a solid performer for basic waffle making, but it doesn’t cater to the nuanced preferences of a waffle connoisseur.

Customer Reviews

With a 4.6 rating from over 6,500 reviews, it’s evident that this waffle iron is a hit within the community of weekend brunch enthusiasts.


From my experience, the ready light indicator stands true to its promise, efficiently signaling when the waffle maker is heated adequately and when those golden brown delights are ready to be savored.


The flip feature is an ingenious addition, ensuring uniform cooking and a perfect, fluffy texture every time.


Other users have noted its durability, worthy of the brand’s reputation for long-lasting kitchen appliances. The non-stick surface—a highlight in the reviews—is easy to clean, a simple convenience that makes it a reliable choice for busy mornings or leisurely Sunday brunches.


Some folks have brought up issues, such as the need for trial and error to find the perfect batter consistency and the handle’s sturdiness after extensive use. However, these seem to be rare instances rather than the norm.


Priced affordably, users often mention the value for money, considering the waffles’ quality. It may not have all the bells and whistles of high-end models, but it does the job splendidly, making it a favorite. I’m keen to see how it stands the test of time and use, just like others have noted.

Wrapping It Up


Having recently tried out the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker, WM1404S myself, I’m genuinely impressed with its performance.


The readiness indicator lights clearly signal when the waffle iron is properly heated and when the waffles are cooked to perfection. The flipping mechanism is smooth and contributes to evenly cooked, fluffy Belgian waffles. I appreciate how simple it is to clean, a convenience that cannot be overstated.

On the downside, I noted that you have to get a feel for the right amount of batter to prevent spillover, which may take a couple of tries. Additionally, while the product is sturdy, a friend mentioned that their handle stand broke from a drop, indicating potential fragility.


Overall, this seems like a solid choice for anyone in the market for a reliable waffle maker that doesn’t break the bank. It delivers on its promise of delicious golden waffles while still being user-friendly and easy to maintain. It’s become an enjoyable part of my weekend breakfast routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker WM1404S?

Using the BLACK+DECKER WM1404S is a piece of cake. You just need to preheat it until the indicator light signals it’s ready, pour your batter in, close the lid, and flip it to ensure even batter distribution. Wait until the light indicates the waffles are done, and then serve up those golden-brown delights.

What are the main features of the BLACK+DECKER Belgian Flip Waffle Maker WM1404S?

The WM1404S stands out for a few reasons. It has a rotating and cooking system for perfectly uniform waffles, a nonstick surface for easy release and cleanup, and a ready light indicator that tells you when your waffles are cooked. Its solid build makes it feel like it will be a reliable friend at breakfast for years.

Can you compare flip waffle makers and regular waffle makers?

In my experience, flip waffle makers, like the WM1404S, distribute batter more evenly for consistent cooking, which is something regular waffle makers struggle to match. Flipping the iron also helps create fluffier waffles with that crispy exterior everyone loves. Regular waffle makers can still be effective but don’t always get the same, even when cooked.

Does the BLACK+DECKER WM1404S Waffle Maker come with removable plates?

No, this model doesn’t have removable plates. While cleanup isn’t as convenient as those models with removable parts, the nonstick coating does make it fairly painless. Just wipe it down after use—no hassle with submerging or scrubbing the plates.

Is a flip waffle maker with a timer more efficient than models without one?

A timer does add convenience. Though the WM1404S doesn’t include an integrated timer, its ready light is a reliable guide. I set my kitchen timer or just keep an eye on the clock, and it’s been efficient enough to turn out perfect waffles each time.

What is the ideal cooking time for waffles using the BLACK+DECKER WM1404S?

Every waffle batter is different. Based on my test run this morning, the perfect waffle emerged in about 5 minutes.


You might need to tweak the timing based on your specific recipe and how crisp or fluffy you prefer your waffles. The ready light is a good starting point for nailing your ideal cooking time.

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