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Grilled Tunisian Salad

Grilled Tunisian salad (also known as Slata Mechouia) is an original Tunisian salad. With lots of similar salads in the Arabic regions, this one with its special spices and flavors will certainly take your breath away!

Grilled Tunisian salad with all its ingredients grilled together and mixed with some special flavors will be the star of your dinners in summer especially, as an entree to start your meals with that mix of flavors! There is no doubt that it is healthy, just don’t grill the ingredients too long or you get an overly grilled salad full of carbons and that will ruin your dishes and even your days! So, how about we proceed to the ingredients? I think you’re already excited to taste it!




4 peppers

2 onions

4 tomatoes

garlic bulb

1/2-1 salt

1/2 tsp back pepper

1-2 Tbs Tunisian Spice, Tabil mix (spice mix can be found here)

Olive oil

Green & black olives to garnish (optional)


Grill the pepper, tomatoes and onions

Take insides including veins out of peppers.

Toss juice and seeds from tomatoes.

cut ends off onions and garlic bulb, peel off inedible outer layers from both.

Now pulse vegetables in food processor, or finely mince them.

Add spices with pepper, salt  and olive oil to the rest of the ingredients.

You can now add some black & green olives for decoration!

Enjoy your grilled Tunisian salad!




Health benefits of this salad

The Tunisians really like this salad for the fact it has a high source of: Potassium, Vitamin C, folate and Vitamin K, but also contains fiber, vitamin E and c. Because of these powerful combos that grilled Tunisian salad contains, they like to use it to help reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer.

We’ve all heard from the popular TV shows and cartoons of garlic warding off vampires, but, what’s the real health benefits of it? Let’s dive in!

Garlic has so many benefits including: being an anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Did you know it’s also been found to help deter various types of cancers, too? It’s also full of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, Folate, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, and magnesium! Now go enjoy this super food!

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