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Health Benefits of Sprouts Earn Them a Space in Your Meals


People consume these greens to experience the health benefits of sprouts. They are young plants or seeds that put out shoots, eaten raw or cooked, and are often found in Asian cuisines. Their taste and nutritional value are what folks find very appealing. So, it’s clear why anyone would want to partake of these germinating seeds.

Besides, the exposure of humans to so many things that have bad effects on their health is high. Everywhere, there is unhealthy food, negative stress, and communicable diseases. Modern times have compelled many individuals to have a busy lifestyle. Thus, we could use nutritious food that can help us maintain if not improve our health and life in general.


Among the most consumed ones are the alfalfa, mung bean, red clover, and broccoli sprouts. Yet it would be wise to get to know them better first. At least, in knowing them, one can have informed and healthy food consumption.


microgreen sprouts

Healthy and fresh microgreen sprouts


Know the Health Benefits of Sprouts

Assorted sprouts in white spoons

Assorted healthy sprouts


Science has proven that germinating seeds are beneficial for consumption. That’s because they usually have similar attributes that make them helpful. Most have low calories, fat, sugars, and sodium while being good sources of fiber. Plus, they have plenty of nutrients like vitamin C and protein. Thus, many consider sprouts as superfoods too.


A veggie devotee enjoying a bowl of sprouts

A young lady enjoying a bowl of healthful sprouts


With what they contain, people found them useful. That is in several aspects of health maintenance and improvement. In a nutshell, these are where they come in handy.


Significant Health Benefits of Sprouts



healthy weight

Woman checking her weight




A person’s strategy to lower cholesterol written down on paper

A person’s strategy to lower cholesterol is written down on paper




Health food nutrition concept with fish, vegetables, seeds, pollen grain, and herbs.

Health food nutrition concept with fish, vegetables, seeds, pollen grain, and herbs.



Healthy foods for diabetes

Healthy foods for diabetes




Woman with stomach pain holding a piece of paper saying “digestion.”

Woman with stomach pain holding a piece of paper saying “digestion.”




“Inflammation” written on paper, being addressed medically

“Inflammation” written on paper, being addressed medically




Weight Loss and Better Health are the Major Health Benefits of Sprouts


People take sprouts for weight loss too. Many are low in calories and go well with various ingredients in dishes. Some have moderate amounts of calories for lasting energy or sustenance. They are often filling too. Still, it is usual for the different kinds of sprouts to come with nutrients to keep a person healthy. Thus, it’s understandable why they are healthy and many incorporate them into meals. They are some of what doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians recommend for losing weight.


Comparing their caloric values, some are more beneficial for dieting than others. Kidney beans, lentils, and mung bean sprouts are likely great sprouts for weight loss. That’s because they only have below 100 calories per cup only. Other than that, they have reasonable amounts of fiber, iron, vitamin C, and folate. Hence, they can provide enough nutrients and are less likely to contribute to weight gain.


Since these are rich in fibers, they can help with weight management. That’s because they also affect the absorption of ingested fats. In some like mung bean sprouts, there is plenty of protein for building muscles. More muscles mean more fibers to use up the body’s energy or burn calories. So, with this, it is clear why weight loss is one of the health benefits of sprouts.



A veggie junkie helping herself with a side plate of sprouts

A veggie junkie helping herself with a side plate of sprouts


The Health Benefits of Sprouts Prevent Heart Problems


The various types of sprouts help prevent and do something about heart problems. That’s because they inhibit the absorption of some fats through their fiber content. So, some may be wondering, “Are alfalfa sprouts better than broccoli?” The answer is not at all because both deliver more than 1 gram of dietary fiber. That is per 100-gram serving. Thus, with these health benefits of sprouts, they can be for regular consumption.


Moreover, they reduce the risk factors associated with various heart diseases. Those are high levels of bad cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. The fibers in sprouts inhibit some fats to enter and stay in the body. This, in turn, helps in prevent or counter weight gain. The fibers also stop sugar spiking because the body doesn’t and cannot absorb them. This is why diabetic and healthy heart meal plans contain these germinating seeds.


Having Sprouting Seeds Boosts Nutrition


Some of the health benefits of sprouts are due to their nutrients. The usual ones in most sprouted greens are vitamin K, folate, magnesium, and phosphorus. So having one cup or serving per meal daily or from time to time can make one healthier. We can also say that the different types of sprouts can aid in improving one’s immunity.



Photo of Mung Bean Sprouts in a Sprout Maker

Photo of Mung Bean Sprouts in a Sprout Maker


Take note that vitamin K is for blood clotting and bone building. Magnesium and phosphorus are for the preservation and enhancement of many structures. They are good for the nerves, DNA, and bones. Folate promotes healthy cells and is important in blood cell formation. So you can have mung bean, Brussel, and other sprouts for weight loss and better nutrition.


These Germinating Seeds Lower Blood Sugar


Sprouted veggies like Brussel sprouts are prescribed in diabetic meal plans for this reason. Lowering glucose levels is one of the health benefits of sprouts. The carbohydrates, sugars, and fibers in them help keep a person healthy. The low carb and sugar levels control one’s insulin levels. Thus, a person’s blood sugar doesn’t get too high and also doesn’t drop very low after consumption. The soluble and insoluble fibers contribute to the reduction of fat retention. So there is plenty of evidence why are sprouts healthy.


A study showed blood sugar reduction in people with type 2 diabetes. That is after taking extracts of broccoli sprouts. Their Hemoglobin A1C and Fasting Plasma Glucose became lower. In general, sprouted veggies balanced carbs and fibers. It’s also the reason why are sprouts healthy for meals and even snacks.


They Are Helpful in Enhancing Gut Flora and Digestion


It has diastase which is an enzyme responsible for breaking down starch into glucose. So, those eating sprouts get the benefit of absorbing essential nutrients. With better digestion, only a few go to waste. Still, why sprouts are healthy is due to their fiber that helps the gut flora. With plenty of insoluble fibers, there are bulky stools and regular bowel movements. Therefore, it helps prevent waste from accumulating which results in constipation. They also provide the lining of your gut with nourishment and protection.


There are more health benefits of sprouts for the gut. The sprouted or cruciferous vegetables, through the soluble fibers, boost the immune system. It’s due to their prebiotic properties that feed beneficial microorganisms. With them around, the beneficial bacteria get to function well. This results in preventing or fixing infections, symptoms of irritable bowels, and even allergies.


Deals With Swelling and May Stop Cancer


The many types of sprouts offer high levels of antioxidants that deal with free radicals. These oxidants cause cellular damage and often allow diseases to surface. Examples of these antioxidants are sinapinic acid, anthocyanin, and beta carotene. These are from alfalfa, sprouted buckwheat, and other germinated veggies. So, people are encouraged to consume sprouted greens for their phytonutrients and health benefits.


In a nutshell, they counteract oxidative stress and stop symptoms such as swelling. According to the National Cancer Institute, chronic inflammation results in damage to DNA. In turn, it likely causes cancer. Patients with cancer often undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. But taking these veggies is helpful since they can contribute to better health. Yet, in having them, it would be best to consult with a physician first. That’s because some antioxidants react to cancer treatment procedures.



Vegan sandwich with tofu, hummus, avocado, tomato and sprouts

Yummy and so easy to prepare. A vegan sandwich with avocado, sprouts, tofu, and tomato, spread with hummus

The Popular Types of Sprouts to Eat


People don’t only eat them to get the health benefits of sprouts. As with anything eaten, folks also consider consuming only those that are tasty. So it makes sense there is a variety of sprouted veggies around. Besides, different germinated seeds have a unique set of nutrients to provide.

But, in most cases, these sprouts have an earthy taste. With the right preparation, or by mixing them with other food items, they may end up tasting great. It’s about doing something to them that makes sprouts edible. Thus, it would be smart to get to know the different types of sprouts out there.


Examples of Sprouts for Weight Loss, Nutrition, and More

  • Mung Bean Sprouts

  • Alfalfa Sprouts

  • Broccoli Sprouts

  • Radish Sprouts

  • Lentil Sprouts

  • Soybean Sprouts

  • Adzuki Bean Sprouts

  • Brussel Sprouts


Organic young alfalfa sprouts in a cup

Organic young alfalfa sprouts in a cup

Alfalfa Sprouts


These are tiny seeds with leaves and sprouted, white shoots that are lean. Their dark brown seeds and white sprouts are somewhat crispy. Yet the veggies have a subtle and distinct sweetness and earthy taste. With their flavor people usually include them in their sandwiches and salads. Plus, they are quick to grow in three to five days. In choosing them, you get practical veggies for dieting.


The health benefits of sprouts like alfalfa are more on having fat loss and antioxidants. Per 3.53 oz.(100 grams), people only get 23 calories and less than 0.035 oz. (1 gram) of fat without cholesterol. Its salt is only 0.


Are alfalfa sprouts better than broccoli? Broccoli has glucoraphanin that comes before sulforaphane. Alfalfa sprouts are not cruciferous veggies and only look like broccoli somehow. They do not even have sulforaphane which reduces inflammation. Yet both vegetables have their strengths which make them great in their own right.



Broccoli sprouts grown in soil in white pots.

Broccoli sprouts grown in soil.

Broccoli Sprouts


These delicate germinated seeds of broccoli look like alfalfa sprouts. It’s because their leaves and stems are also green and white. They are different than alfalfa but also deliver the health benefits of sprouts. What’s best is that people can consume the whole sprouts. As for their flavor, they are a bit spicy and fresh that they somehow taste like radish.


Eating 3 oz.(85 grams) will give a person 35 calories only. The other nutrients to get are 0.0176 oz.(5 grams) of carbs with 0.141 oz.(4 grams) of fiber. It’s 0.070 oz.(2 grams) for the protein and almost 0.035 oz.(1 gram )of fat. So these are also excellent sprouts for weight loss.


Aside from having low calories, they can deliver vitamin C, vitamin A, and Calcium. Thus, in a nutshell, they can help people manage their weight and have good immunity. They contain a lot of sulforaphane compared to other cruciferous greens. Are alfalfa sprouts better than broccoli? It’s still a no since both have their unique benefits.



mung bean sprouts

mung bean sprouts

Mung Bean Sprouts


These young sprouting beans are lean and short in length. They are enjoyable as raw or cooked food with their sweet and nutty taste. Many use them as meat alternatives or create recipes with them mixed. Often, people even consume them to experience the health benefits of sprouts. It takes 2 to 5 days for them to grow in the right environment. Buying them is not a problem because many sellers have them too. So, it’s easy to find them in salads and soups in Asian culinary recipes. Plenty of homes and stores even have fresh and canned mung bean sprouts.


Of the types of sprouts available, they are very dense in nutrients. Also, they have features for health improvement. To be specific, with them, you have an excellent source of calcium copper, fiber, and protein. That is while having no cholesterol and low sodium content. A cup that has 3.17 oz.(90 grams) often contains 27 calories with only 0.007 oz.(0.2 grams) of fat and 0.190 oz.(5.4 grams) of sodium. For its carbs, it’s 0.190 oz.(5.4 grams). The 0.056 oz.(1.6 grams) in it is fiber while 0.130 oz.(3.7 grams) is sugar. Consuming it gives 0.095 oz.(2.7 grams) of protein and it is rich in leucine. So, it is great for building muscles. Still, this has phytonutrients with antioxidant properties. Thus Clearly, there are plenty of great nutritional benefits from things to have with these small bean sprouts.


Lentil sprouts in a white spoon.

Lentil sprouts in a white spoon.

Lentil Sprouts


They are fast and easy to grow that soaking lentils overnight already allows tails or shoots to grow out. After draining and putting them in a container to grow, they will be ready to eat in 2 to 5 days. With the convenience of growing them, many use them in their sandwiches, salads, and wraps. There are also health benefits of sprouts from lentils. They may reduce inflammation and bad cholesterol levels. As follows, they are excellent for dieting and staying healthy.


The nutrition facts of these germinating seeds are why sprouts are healthy. Seventy-seven grams (77 grams) or 2.71 oz. pack 82 calories already with 0.60 oz. (17 grams) of carbs and 0.25 oz. (7 grams) of protein. They may help lower cholesterol since it has only 0.017 oz(0.5 grams) of fat. With them, people also get vitamin C, folate, and iron. In this way, they act as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer food items.


Fresh pink radish sprouts on a wooden spoon

Fresh pink radish sprouts on a wooden spoon

Radish Sprouts


The health benefits of sprouts from radish seeds are many. It’s because the sprouting seeds have minerals and vitamins. They contain phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium. For their other nutrients, they have the A, B, C, D, E, and K vitamins. These things help preserve and enhance the various parts of the body and their functions. Plus, they aid in staying healthy by way of improving digestion and the immune system. So, they give a lot of health benefits when eaten.


The sprouts come from rosy-pink seeds. These seeds germinate white stems for 2 to 3 days. They are often prepared raw yet stir-fried for sandwiches and salads. That is due to their peppery and strong radish flavor. Edible portions of 3.52 oz. (100 grams) of these sprouts give 43 calories. Some use them as sprouts for weight loss. For the macronutrients, the values are 0.126, 0.134, 0.088 oz. (3.6, 3.8, and 2.5 grams) for the carbs, protein, and fat.


Soya bean sprouts

Soya bean sprouts

Soybean Sprouts


Many Korean recipes like salads make use of soybean sprouts. It’s likely because of their taste and the health benefits of sprouts. Vegetarians mix them with garlic, chili flakes, sesame oil, and green onions too. Health and fitness enthusiasts consume them because of their low-calorie and high-protein nature. Also, they have B vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin, and isoflavones. These help in processing carbs, transporting nutrients better, and preventing diseases.


Seventy grams or 2.47 oz. of these sprouts deliver 85 calories to the body. The amount yields 0.247 oz.(7 grams) of carbs and 0.176 oz.(5 grams) of fat. It is great for getting amino acids for muscle repair and improvement since it has 0.317 oz.(9 grams) of protein. Still, it contains folate and iron that improve the quality of red blood cells and bone density.


Stir-fried adzuki bean sprouts Moyashi in a pan

Stir-fried adzuki bean sprouts Moyashi in a pan

Adzuki Sprouts


These are from Japan and have a reddish-brown seed hull. Often, their texture is crispy but they taste somehow sweet, nutty, and earthy. People eat them raw or boiled. They use them in their dips, wraps, stews, and salads for ordinary days and festive occasions. Coming from the Adzuki beans, it takes about 3 to 4 days to make them grow. So they are easy to grow and eat and can be suitable for any diet. With them, you get the health benefits of sprouts and more.


A hundred grams or 3.52 oz. provides about 350 calories, with only 0.035 oz (1 gram) of fat and no cholesterol. It does have a little sodium which is 0.529 oz (15 mg) but its potassium is high at 34.56 oz. (980 mg). The carbs on this are 2.22 oz.(63 mg) of which 0.60 oz. (17 grams) are fiber and 0.246 oz. (7 grams) are sugars. It does have some calcium but it has plenty of vitamin C and Iron.


Fresh organic Brussel sprouts

Fresh organic Brussel sprouts

Brussel Sprouts


They are very nutritious and are sprouts for weight loss. It’s because they have plenty of nutrients and are low in calories. Eating some provides vitamin K for better blood clotting and bones. Vitamin C is also present that aid in iron retention, healing of cuts, and immunity. It also has fiber that promotes better gut health, digestion, and sugar control. These are the health benefits of sprouts and thus they pack plenty for such small vegetables.


They are cruciferous veggies and so have some bitterness. Yet, despite this, they may help inhibit swelling or even cancer. Besides, when cooked, they give nutty, somehow sweet, and smoky flavors. Also, they have thick leaves with a rubbery texture that is crispy. As for their nutritional value, there are 28 calories in 2.75 oz (78 grams). That is with 0.070 oz. (2 grams) of protein and fiber plus 0.19 oz. (5.5 grams) of carbs.



Safety Before Getting the Health Benefits of Sprouts


There is no doubt that sprouts are healthy due to their nutrient specifics mentioned. But, like in most foods, preparing them well is essential. That would be to avoid food poisoning due to contamination. So, for the different types of sprouts, there must be thorough washing under running water. Some experts even recommend cooking them, instead of eating them raw. That is to avoid harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella from poor handling.

Fresh healthy green alfalfa seed sprouts

Fresh healthy green alfalfa seed sprouts

Unless grown in an ideal and clean environment, it would be smart to cook the germinating seeds. Stir-frying, deep-frying, and boiling could work. They are better options than steaming veggies. But you still have the option to go for raw to get more nutrients. It’s only that there are risks involved when consuming sprouts uncooked.


Before cooking or washing, though, try inspecting the sprouts you have. Make sure to smell them too. Do not attempt to taste or even eat those that look rotten and have an intense bad odor. Promptly discard them. For your safety, only ingest the ones with a healthy look to them.


In Conclusion


Sprouting seeds is desirable not only because it is inexpensive and fast. In most cases, people grow them also because of the health benefits. For one, these legumes are easier to digest because of their size with their stems. Also, many of them are packed with plenty of beneficial macronutrients, micronutrients, and substances. So, people eat sprouts for weight loss or general health improvement.


It doesn’t take time to grow and cook sprouts. For less than a week, you already have plenty that is ready for consumption. In some cases, people eat raw ones too. But, for safety, many recommend cooking them. Now there are unique types of sprouts with features of their own. Getting to know them better is encouraged to identify which ones are worth having. After all, the health benefits of sprouts help round out an individual’s nutritional requirements and need for variety.

Glass jars with different sprouting seeds growing

Glass jars with different sprouting seeds growing

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