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Include High Vitamin C Foods in Your Meals


Meals that include high vitamin C foods, and the prescribed amount of it, are what the majority of people go for. Whether they’re vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and pescatarians. And even people who claim to be omnivorous do select foods that are healthful. Just like the rest of the other nutrients, it’s got many benefits that we need.

Let it be said though that it’s among the many other nutrients our body needs to attain optimum health and wellness. And poor eating habits and food choices may still lead to a deficiency of vitamin C. Thus, being mindful about eating vitamin-rich sources is a must.

On the other hand, taking an adequately safe amount of this vitamin is as critical as its consumption. Overdosage can occur and avoiding this is important. Although not life-threatening, too much of it can lead to various health complications.
Also, people must get their Vitamin C, like ascorbic acid, or ascorbate, from other sources, preferably natural. Unlike some animals, we humans can’t produce it within our bodies. So, we need to get the kinds of food that are excellent sources high in vitamin C.

vitamin c

Why Always Choose High Vitamin C Foods List

Health and nutrition experts recommend eating foods that have high Vitamin C content. Doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians advise this because Vitamin C is water-soluble. That means the body does not store this chemical compound. After consumption, only some of it stays. Thus, they only pass the body tissues and bring about desirable effects.
On the website of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is the recommended dietary allowance for it. There it says 0.00317 oz. (90 mg) for males and (75 mg) for females. It turns 0.0029 oz.(85 mg) for pregnant women and 0.0042 oz. (120 mg) for those who are lactating. Although not recommended, a person may have up to 0.035 oz. (1000 mg) and even a bit more. So, it is often fine to have large servings or many portions
of the highest vitamin C content foods.
vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C

Precautions in an Overdose of High Vitamin C Foods Intake

It may be very helpful to consult a list of high Vitamin C foods for consumption. Because having an overdose of it isn’t good at all. Taking in too much not only leads to Vitamin C, but also possible health problems. Thus, avoiding all sorts of complications is the smart thing to do. So only try taking mega doses of it if a knowledgeable trusted physician or doctor would prescribe it. In most cases, individuals only have to be sensible, to err on the safe side when it comes to medications. Be content with the recommended dosage to be healthy and live well.
Moreover, reliable studies revealed that ingesting more than 0.035 oz. (1000 mg) decreases its absorption rate. That is, by less than a half. The human body excretes excess vitamin C through urination. This happens once it detects that the tissues have an ascorbate saturation. Adverse reactions like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting can also happen. But they often only occur after a very high intake of about 0.1058 oz. (3,000 mg) daily.
Still, intake of Vitamin C may result in kidney stone formation and even induce oxidative stress. We must know when and how it is safe, if ever, to have the highest Vitamin C content foods for that reason.

Know the List of Food High in Vitamin C

It is possible to get Vitamin C from different food sources. There are meat, fruits, and vegetables, and also synthetic products that supply it. However, this article focuses on plant-based sources. It’s because fruits and vegetables are so much healthful in many ways. Some are free of cholesterol but most have low saturated fat levels and antioxidants. Thus, they make good sources of vitamins for general health.
highest vitamin c content foods



Citrus Fruits

Many know that these fruits are on the list of foods with high Vitamin C content. It’s because of their availability, taste, and ascorbic acid content. They are often in abundance in the late and early months of the year. The sweet and sour flavors of these fruits make them great for snacks, and as ingredients for some dishes. With these citrus fruits available, we get over 0.1058 oz. (50 to 70 mg) of vitamin C.
They have carotenoids like beta-carotene which provide antioxidants to fight inflammation. The vitamin C they contain also helps in white blood cell production. That would be effective for treating and preventing infection. That stated, they are fruits with rich Vitamin C content are highly recommended.
Citrus Fruits and Their Vitamin C Content
  • Orange. A small one with 3.38 oz (96 grams) yields 0.0018 oz (51.1 mg) and we get 0.0034 oz (97.9 mg) from a big one that is 6.49 oz. (184 grams).
  • Grapefruit. 4.33 oz. (123 grams) supplies 0.0013 oz. (38.4 mg).
  • Lemon. 3.52 oz. (100 grams) imparts 0.0027 oz. (77 mg).
  • Pomelo. 3.52 oz. (100 grams) gives 0.0021 oz. (61 mg) and we get 0.0130 oz. (371 mg) from a whole fruit which is 21.48 oz. (609 grams).
  • Kumquat. 0.1058 oz. (19 grams) delivers 0.0003 oz. (8.3 mg)



Per 3.52 oz. (100 grams) of this vegetable, we can get 0.0031 oz. (89 mg) of ascorbate. This has no saturated fat and is low in calories. It comes with iron and folate which improves blood quality and oxygenation. And it contains B complex and zinc. Broccoli promotes the maintenance of cell function and improves immunity. So, it’s a vegan food that packs a lot of nutrients and health benefits. Why people include it in their high Vitamin C foods list makes perfect sense.
Throughout the year, community markets and grocery stores have broccolis. Yet its peak season is usually October to April. Folks use them for their dishes yet some prefer to have them raw. Broccoli is a crunchy vegetable with a slight sweetness and bitterness. Its edible florets and stalks are very filling and take almost an hour to digest. Hence, it is a convenient and very satisfying food to eat.




Also called sweet melons, these fruits are sweet and juicy. They make great desserts and ingredients for flavorful dishes. An average melon is usually about 5 inches in diameter and weighs 19.47 oz. (552 grams). The whole fruit can yield 0.0071 oz. (202.6 mg) of vitamins. Even if most of it is water, it is also considered one of the highest vitamin C content foods.
Since it has plenty of water, it is great for hydration and very low in calories. That being so, it can help in weight management. It has phytonutrients such as alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. These plant pigments counter inflammation and oxidative stress. Thus, it is great for the skin and in preventing diseases and cancer.


Bell Pepper

Different variants of this vegetable have a grassy or earthy flavor. Yet they are crunchy, juicy, and give a bit of sweetness in every bite. People eat them raw or cooked and whole or chopped. They come in different colors. The green bell pepper has 0.0033 oz. (95.7 mg) of ascorbate while the red variety contains 0.053 oz. (152 mg) and 0.0120 oz. (341 mg) for the yellow. So, it is tasty and nutritious at the same time. Take note that many add this to their high vitamin C foods list.
All the variants provide beta-carotene but it’s the red pepper that supplies it the most by having the ideal or preferred ripeness. Green ones are often a bit more bitter since they are unripe. Yellow bell peppers are very mature but at least have plenty of vitamin C in them.

Dietary Supplements

We have a choice to choose pills that deliver concentrated forms of the C vitamins. These come in ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate. Both are vegan, considering that they come from plant sources. Yet ascorbic acid may cause hyperacidity more than sodium ascorbate. Bottles that have these contain 0.0176 oz. to 0.0352 oz. (500 mg to 1000 mg) tablets. Some even come with rose hips that are rich in vitamin C and help in heart disease and cancer prevention.

When To Take Foods That Have High Vitamin C

Take the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C based on your age and current health condition. That is because it is a water-soluble vitamin that gets excreted readily. So, you might have to keep replenishing your supply every day.
For vitamin C deficiency, a doctor may prescribe a test that requires fasting. That will help determine the level of ascorbic acid in the bloodstream. To treat or avoid a deficiency, it is recommended to consume foods high in Vitamin C. That means consuming them every day as whole foods or dietary supplements.

Signs Of Vitamin C Deficiency

These are often the usual symptoms of individuals who have a Vitamin C deficiency.
  • Excessive weakness or tiredness
  • Dry and damaged skin
  • Frequent inflamed and painful muscles and joints
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • High irritability
  • Easy Bruising

In Conclusion


Post a list of foods high in vitamin C on your ref door or on a wall where no one would miss it. It’s a simple yet effective strategy to make sure everyone in the household would see it often. Then in time, you’d all know them by heart, especially your favorites. Being not dependent on dietary supplements, you’d enjoy and eat a variety of vitamin-C-loaded foods. Like vegetables and fruits.

Having a diverse selection of high vitamin C foods with vitamin C will undoubtedly make eating fulfilling. Consuming the same food items, again and again, might make get tired of eating them eventually. Plus, different foods usually provide offer unique health benefits. And different tastes, aromas, and textures of vitamin-C-loaded foods add to the dining experience.  

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