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Authentic Mexican Taco Recipe

Many restaurants serve Tacos. Americans and others around the world love the flavors and crunch. However, most don’t use an authentic Mexican taco recipe. In fact, some American made tacos hardly resemble the traditional Mexican variety.

However, we’d like to introduce you to our authentic Mexican taco recipe. Even better, ours contain healthy vegan ingredients. Keep the basic ingredients handy for a quick lunch or dinner.

Although most of us consider tacos to be the hard, crunchy shell, you might try the soft taco, too. Although it lacks the crunch, it does create fewer crumbs than it’s often preferred hard taco shell.




Mexican Taco Recipe


  • If using fresh tortillas, you may use as is for soft tacos or prepare into taco shells (see video below for a baked version)
  • You may use beans, meat substitute, or both. Heat thoroughly.
  • Put the beans and/or meat into the taco shell first.
  • Add cheese.
  • Place tomato and avocado into the shell.
  • Add lettuce, onion, olives, and peppers.
  • Top with salsa and a sprinkling of lime juice.
  • Add sour cream.
  • Top with cilantro.
  • Serve very warm.





Mexican Taco Recipe
Mexican Taco Recipe
Mexican Taco Recipe

Taco stands

These make putting tacos together and serving them much easier and neater. The following stainless steel holders are large enough for the most stuffed taco. In addition, the stainless steel are safe for the oven. However, remember to use oven-safe mitts as they do get hot!

Kids love their own stands. The dinosaur and the truck appeal to kids and even adults. While they may not be traditional Mexican type themselves, they hold our authentic tacos and provide a festive note to dinner.




Mexican Taco Recipe
Mexican Taco Recipe

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