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Are you in the market for a seriously awesome cutting or charcuterie board? Well then, you’re in luck my friend, because Soltako has got you covered. Their premium Soltako handmade olive wood cutting board selection is absolutely to die for. I mean, seriously, picture this: you and your loved ones gathered around a beautiful cheeseboard from Soltako, enjoying some delicious snacks and drinks.


soltako cutting board

Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting Board


It’s the kind of thing that brings people together and creates memories that last a lifetime. So don’t settle for some basic, boring cutting board – go for something that’s truly special. Trust me, your guests will be blown away when they see what you’ve got in store for them.


Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting Board

olive wood cutting board

Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting Board



Since we’re talking about premium. I think this Soltako handmade olive wood cutting board is one of the best premium products of Soltako. You can do a variety of things using this during your agenda. This Soltako cutting board is not a regular cutting board. I detected the possibility of it being a substantial cheese board, serving platter, or charcuterie board. Create a tasty snack by filling the areas between the cheese and veggies with dried fruits, crackers, and olives.

Soltako handmade

soltako product info

soltako handmade olive wood cutting board

About Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting board


As a Perfect Charcuterie Board


This olive wood serving tray makes the ideal board for serving charcuterie or other appetizers in a classy and fun way. Just make sure to fill each tray with cheese, sweet fruits, nuts, veggies, and more. That’s what I call a perfect charcuterie board.


Unmatched Durability


You know why it is so durable? Because Soltako cutting boards come from one chunk of olive wood. Which I think makes them more durable and last longer than bamboo-based and woodenware products. Because it’s a natural cut, there may be tiny tolerances in its size and shape.


Artistic Part of Soltako Cutting Board


This cutting board comes from hand-carved olive wood. Soltako cutting boards have an elegant texture, unique grain pattern, and artistic color. And it’s obvious, right? Contrary to other boards like bamboo, metals, and plastic. Mediterranean olive wood is famous for the fresh scent of fresh olive wood. Meaning that food items will have a flavor and aroma.


Soltako Cutting Board for Gifting


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that special occasion? Fear not, my friend, because I have just the thing for you – the Soltako handmade olive wood cutting board, complete with a gorgeous gift box. Trust me, this bad boy makes an absolutely fantastic present for all sorts of events, like housewarming parties, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and more. It’s stylish, practical, and sure to please even the pickiest gift recipient. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today!


Unique Quality


I know the Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting board is impressive. But what about its quality? The Soltako olive wood cutting board is a knife-friendly cutting board. You can rely on its weight to ensure its durability while slicing, chopping, or dicing your food items. Here’s the kicker! Soltako boards have a groove for juice around the edges to capture liquids from fruits and leftover food particles.


Why Wood Cutting Boards?


Durable Enough


Guess what? If you invest in a high-quality wooden cutting board, it can last you a seriously long time. Like, we’re talking years here, folks. And the best part? Even if you accidentally scratch it up, it’s no biggie – you can just sand it down and it’ll be good as new. Can your synthetic cutting board say that? I didn’t think so. Seriously though, there’s just something so satisfying about using a wooden cutting board in the kitchen. It’s got this rustic, homey feel to it that you just can’t get from plastic or other synthetic materials. So why settle for less when you could have the real deal? Trust me, once you go wooden, you’ll never go back.


Knife Friendly


Wood is not only a delight to cut on. This cutting board made of olive wood is more gentle for the knife over hardwoods. Both olive and maple are woods, which means they’re robust. But they’re also gentle enough not to cause massive damage to your knives.




Did you know that wood boards are sanitary? Despite being porous and able to absorb liquids. Studies have shown that wood can kill bacteria within minutes of contamination. Yes, you heard it right. Yet, a greasy substance can remain on the surface and pose a food-safety risk. Washing the board in warm soapy water can remove harmful bacteria.




A cutting board made of wood is beautiful right? That isn’t the essential thing to think about when you’re in a kitchen. But come on, we can’t deny that it has value to us. It would be a lie if we declared that it wasn’t essential to us in any way. Our kitchens should be places we love cooking in. The looks of the kitchen give us the vibe. Thus, appearance is necessary.


Who is Soltako Finest Olive Wood




Solltako Finest Olive Wood falls under the umbrella of Soltako. Every item created by this sub-brand is crafted by hand, with an unwavering emphasis on precision and exceptional skill. Their philosophy revolves around the potential of imagination and the unparalleled quality of olive wood. Their vision was to merge the excellence of Mediterranean craftsmanship with the finest Swiss design, resulting in an unparalleled concept store. In my opinion, they are the ultimate destination for olive wood enthusiasts.


Olive Wood as Cutting Board


olive wood


Are you tired of using boring old cutting boards that don’t have any personality? Well, listen up, because I’ve got some exciting news for you. Olive wood cutting boards are where it’s at, my friend. Not only are they super hard and smooth, but they’ve also got these amazing patterns that are just begging to be shown off.


Video credit: @soltako5917


And let’s talk about functionality for a second – because of their wide and thick nature, these cutting boards are perfect for all sorts of kitchen tasks. But here’s the kicker – because olive wood has such small pores, it’s a lot less likely to harbor nasty bacteria. Can you say win-win? Trust me, once you try out an olive wood cutting board, you’ll never go back to those plain old ones again.


It’s the Best Wood Cutting Board


You probably read already the things about Soltako handmade olive wood cutting board. Market provides us with many options and we acknowledge that. But one thing we’re sure about, Soltako cutting board is the best we can recommend. Because here’s the thing. Quality demands quality products. And here it is, the Soltako handmade olive wood cutting board. Proceed to checkout by selecting the product image.




How to oil olive wood cutting board?

For an olive wood cutting board, prep it with food-grade coconut, mineral, or walnut oil. Apply directly, let it sit for a few hours, then wipe off excess. Repeat monthly to maintain quality. Avoid extreme temps/humidity and never submerge or put in the dishwasher.


Do wood cutting boards dull knives?

Cutting boards that come from wood may dull knives. But it depends on different situations. It depends on how you take care of and use the cutting surface.


Does Soltako Handmade Olive Wood Cutting board sanitary?

It comes from wood, so yes, definitely. Despite being porous and able to absorb liquids, studies have shown that wood can actually absorb and kill bacteria within minutes of contamination.


Why is wood cutting board better than plastic?

Wood is the most suitable material for cutting boards. It’s tough, yet it’s easy to use with knives. It’s smooth but not slippery, sturdy, yet able to absorb the shocks.


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