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Find The Best Water Temperature For Drinking


Knowing the best water temperature to drink is important for several reasons. Our bodies have unique responses to the warmness and coolness of liquid that enters. Different parts of the human body are sensitive to the hotness and coldness of aqua too. So the water that goes into our system affects us in different ways.

Besides, we need H2O like we need food and have preferences when consuming them. It’s not always and only about supplying our bodies with the things they need. Rather, we wish to know how things enter us and what they do once ingested too. We humans can be picky eaters and drinkers. Thus it makes sense to have the right vibes when drinking too.

Based on these things alone, it’s safe to say that controlling the kind of water that we ingest matters. Consuming potable water with the right feel makes use feel right. It can make our drinking enjoyable, healthy, and safe.


The Best Water Temperature To Drink Is Worth Knowing

There are no absolute answers to address the question of what temperature water is best to drink. But there are suggestions and scientific evidence that point to satisfying responses. This is because, for a long time, many conducted tests on what happens when they have H2O in different ways. People managed to relate to the results these experiments yielded. So we can try to check them out since they likely have truths we could take advantage of.


best water temperature to drink


In a nutshell, finding out what is the best temperature to drink water can help us with some things. Drinkable aqua affects our hunger, satiety, thirst, satisfaction, hydration, and mood. The truth is that it even influences our health and weight. Thus it pays to drink the liquid at the correct hotness or coldness.

Our tasting experience takes hold of us and may even determine our actions. So studying this is a worthy pursuit despite our appraisals of the things we ingest.


Discovering The Best Water Temperature For Drinking

There are water sommeliers or experts that give recommendations about drinking aqua. They judge the liquid they taste based on the temperature but also the mineral content. They treat water as a beverage that is as important as or more essential than others in the market. Their comparison of different types of water may give ideas about how to experience them. Thus their input could be useful.

Yet, in the end, you are the one to decide which type and condition of water appeal to you. It is up to you to tell the best temperature for drinking water. That is because the drinker gets the actual feel of how it is when aqua enters his or her system.


Recommendations For The Best Water Temperature To Drink

These are what many water sommeliers suggest.

  • Room temperature for tasting
  • Lukewarm to quench thirst
  • A bit chilled for refreshment
  • Varies when it comes to health
  • Based on liking for experiencing weight loss


The Right Hotness And Coldness For The Best Water Temperature To Drink

There are many ways to answer the best temperature to drink water for hydration and the like. After all, people have unique appraisals when it comes to the warmness or coolness of the water. So there’s no telling the perfect temperature of aqua for everyone. Rather, there are recommendations from taste experiences that people can relate to. These could help us decide which temperatures of H2O to try for certain situations.


Temperature Suggestions

The Svalbardi Polar Iceberg website has different classifications of water temperature. At room temperature, it is 20 °C or 68 °F. It’s 40 °C or 104 °F for lukewarm. While, for somewhat cold, 16 °C or 61 °F is the coldness. The temperature is 6 °C or 43 °F when it’s close to icy or has a distinctive chill.

Different countries have unique drinking water temperature standards too. But, in most places, warm water is almost at but no more than 25 °C or 77 °F for drinking.


What People Are Saying

An article online does point out that aqua at room temperature is ideal for having plain water. Many even say that it is the best water temperature for drinking since it’s what the body accepts. With it, our bodies no longer have to adjust by becoming warmer or colder. So lukewarm that is neither hot nor cold is very flexible. 

Besides, the feel of it does not burn or number the structures of the mouth. Another write-up mentions heat and cold affecting the taste in general. So it is ideal for tasting food or water itself. Quenching thirst is 


Choosing Cold Water

Being thirsty does not mean wanting complete hydration. Rather it is sometimes to address thirst alone. Every so often, we drink since we desire to feel revived somehow. For it, the best water temperature for drinking is cold. It is understandable why cool H2O is often best for thirst-quenching. Cold aqua at 10 to 20 °C or 50 to 70 °F may help balance out the body’s temperature.


cold aqua for consumption


A study on the effects of cold beverages proves what temperature water is best to drink for thirst. Even research on the helpfulness of cold treats on the feeling of dryness supports the point too. So we can say that we ought to have cool but not frigid H2O to act on feeling dehydrated. The truth is that the body absorbs cool aqua better in the guts too. It makes sense since cold H2O is denser than warm water and empties into the intestines faster.


Health Effects Of Ingesting Cool Aqua

  • Chill H2O can be the best water temperature to drink since it helps in weight loss. The body compensates by heating up or burning more calories to address the cold. A study involving people consuming cold water proves this.
  • It helps with athletic performance due to mixing the body’s heat with cool H2O. The cold makes the body of a person experience delay when heating during active states.
  • Less sweating happens with cold temperatures so it helps deal with dehydration too.
  • Taking a lot while eating can result in digestive problems. It’s because it delays gastric emptying by making food harder to pass through. Remember that cold makes things contract.
  • It may let parts of our oral cavity turn inflamed only because the body’s temperature is 36 to 37 °C often. They may experience “shock” so inflammation may occur from that.


Choosing Warm Water

People often consider warm liquid as reaching 25 °C and above. What isn’t freezing, cold, and scalding can be the best water temperature to drink. Although it is the feel of aqua that takes time to accommodate, it does have its benefits. After all, the body does heat up from time to time and can likely accept warmth. Thus it is something that isn’t worrisome at all to ingest.


warm aqua for drinking


According to studies, the optimal feel for it is 130 and 160 °F or 54 and 71 °C for consumption. Anything beyond that is very hot to touch and will likely burn a person’s mouth or throat.



Ever wonder how city water is treated? Each facility sets their own system, but this video shows the basics


Health Effects Of Consuming Warm Aqua

  • It can be the best temperature to drink water for hydration. It’s only because the body could accept it better than cold H2O. That is considering that the body won’t raise its temperature anymore to adjust. Lukewarm or warm water quenches thirst and also keeps one hydrated.
  • It helps in hydration, it is the best water temperature for drinking for constipation. Since H2O enters with ease with warm temperature, it follows that it can help with digestion too. After all, a better water passage means improved food processing and excretion.
  • The warmth can aid during cold weather. It’s that or in times when there is a problem with the body’s thermoregulation. It can ensure that there’s a balance between hot and cold.
  • Since heat makes things expand, it can also aid in improving blood circulation. Ingesting warm H2O may help make the blood vessels dilate and become better passages.


Having What Temperature Of Water Is Best To Drink

To get the best water temperature to drink, you have different things to do first. Decide if you’re going to have lukewarm, warm, cold, or frigid H2O. Think about the purpose why you’re going to consume some too. It’s only then that you would get to have the kind of water that you want or need.



To Recap and For Further Details

  • Find a water source (water bottle, tap water, and the like). For practicality, think of the type of purity you want your H2O to have. There are options to get purified, distilled, alkaline, electrolyte, and spring water.
  • Ask why you’d be drinking then look for ways to get the right temperature.
  • Use a refrigerator or get some ice chips to create cold water. You can boil water using a kettle for warm water too. Look for your means to get the best temperature to drink water for hydration.
  • Find a thermometer that you could submerge in water to get your desired temperature. Some devices can set and measure the feel of H2O.


Not Just Temperature

Filtration offers another important factor in the health of drinking water. In fact, drinking poorly filtered water might actually prove more harmful than not. Studies show that using a REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM like this one by WATERDROP provides a steady supply of healthy drinking water.


Understanding the Effects Of Water Temperature

Understanding and having the best water temperature to drink matters a lot. It’s because H2O temperature affects the different aspects of the liquid. It alters its taste, density, and impact on people. So it pays to consider taking aqua with the right feel in your mouth and for your entire body.

Lukewarm water has plenty of benefits and is what the human body accepts the most. It isn’t hot or cold but you may need both to produce it. Yet cool and warm water are also important and have advantages for drinkers. So invest in devices to measure H2O temperature and create water with the right feel.


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