Ethnic Cuisine


Ethnic cuisine, recipes from around the world, entices each of us. We’ve gathered favorite, authentic recipes from these regions of the world.

Although many originally contained meat, cheese, or fish, we focus on healthy plant-based recipes. Therefore, those that contain non-vegan ingredients have been re-worked. Additionally, we remove unhealthy ingredients, vegan or not.

The resulting recipes feature healthy, plant-based ingredients. Moreover, these recipes boast great flavors.

Impress your friends and family with these culinary favorites from around the world.

To view recipes within these regions, click on a link below. Each opens in a new window.

The key recipe link provides vegan alternatives that we use in our recipes. Most of these require minor preparation.

We hope you enjoy these recipes!


Also, if you have ideas for other recipes you would like to see featured, contact us.

We continue to add to our recipe base. Although we gather from many sources, we enjoy adding our readers’ favorites, too!

Please let us know if you have a recipe to feature.

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