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Many who eat plant-based food or pure plants have food with high antioxidant amounts. Vegans are also concerned about free radicals or wastes created by cells within the body. They surface due to the body’s internal and external responses to some things. They include food and the environment. These affect the way cells work and cause all sorts of problems. Thus some folks make sure to include good antioxidant foods in their diet.
Besides, people have abundant exposure to things that could produce free radicals daily. Oxidative stress happens with the presence of these harmful, oxygen-containing molecules. In simple terms, these cause a wide variety of mild, serious, acute, and chronic health problems. So there might not be enough antioxidants within the body to help keep things well.
This article will give you ideas about matters related to veganism and antioxidants. This includes how these favorable molecules work. Also written are good antioxidant foods where they are from.

It Is Good To Take Vegan Food With High Antioxidant Content

Antioxidants help balance things out. They counteract or inactivate free radicals. They give up some of their electrons to cancel out those with uneven electrons even. It is in human nature to produce these within the body. Some examples are glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid. But, due to many factors, at times there may be more free radicals than those that inhibit oxidation. Thus it is wise to consume antioxidants and even plenty of them.
To get many antioxidants, folks eat fresh produce only or as part of their diet. Fruits and vegetables have abundant phytonutrients or natural compounds that have antioxidant properties. Other examples of these molecules are carnosine, homocarnosine, and anserine. These come from meat products. Yet people consume more or have exclusive greens instead. It’s because they don’t cause and even counteract inflammation. On average, plants have more antioxidants too.
It makes sense to know which foods have antioxidants and plenty of them. It is to figure out the ones to include when eating to prevent diseases and stay healthy.

Check The List Of Foods Rich In Antioxidants

To begin getting rid of free radicals, we may try to look for vegetarian food with high antioxidant value. Search for many sources instead of relying on a few. It’s due to plants having diverse chemical compounds capable of serving as antioxidants. Have different organic produce to get phytochemicals such as polyphenols and flavonoids.
foods highest antioxidant levels
Besides, having options can help with eating satisfaction and nutrient-dense meals. Also, specific food items aren’t always available so resorting to alternatives is inevitable. So have different plant-based food to stay ready and healthy.


These are often small in size, easy to eat, and have a sweet taste. These have hints of sourness and acidity too. Yet they do well as standalone snacks, ingredients for dishes, or juices. Many of them are available in different seasons.
One of them is the strawberry which can give 5.4 mmol of antioxidants per 100 grams. Another one is the cranberry which has 3.13 mmol or an ORAC value of 9584. We can get 9.2 mmol of antioxidant power for every 3.5 ounces of blueberries that we eat too. Still, the Acai berry has an ORAC score of 102700 which is quite high.
food rich with antioxidant
These kinds of berries are low in calories. They also offer anthocyanins which are flavonoids. This helps reduce inflammation and prevent problems like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Still, these come with vitamin C which supports cellular functions for improving immunity.


Hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachio, and almonds are great sources of antioxidants. They are also great for snacking and being available all year long. With them, we can get plenty of calories and protein. Plus, they come with phytosterols that lower cholesterol. Thus they are good for getting energy. Also, they help a lot in building or repairing muscles, including the heart.
fight free radicals
The ORAC values of different nuts are unique. For instance, it’s 13541 for the walnuts and 9645 for the hazelnuts. Raw pistachios yield 7983 while almonds give 4454. The FRAP assay of pecans is 10.6 mmol. So, with these, we have food with high antioxidant amounts and also varieties accessible to us.


These are beans and peas, and they make good antioxidant foods. It’s not only that they have high antioxidant power but are also very nutritious. Plus, some of them taste great while raw or in cooked form. They are also lightweight and easy to store. Thus they are worth buying and incorporating into one’s diet.
Beans often give 2 mmol of antioxidants for every 100 grams. We have the kidney, black, and pinto to choose from. They are also rich in proteins, fiber, and iron. Green peas and chickpeas also provide about the same antioxidant molecules. Yet they come with other beneficial elements like vitamin C and E plus zinc for the immune system.
peas and beans for antioxidant molecules
Getting access to them is easy too. Local farmers sell them in community markets at cheap prices. They come in cans and fresh forms inside of groceries. They are also easy to spot in the canned goods section and aisle for fruits and vegetables. Food rich with antioxidant molecules becomes plenty with them around.

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Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

These greens are food with high antioxidant values. Also, they have nutrients like calcium, magnesium, folate, fiber, iron, and potassium. Still, they are rich in vitamins C, A, and K. Yet vegetables are seasonal too. Home markets and groceries sell them but their prices vary. That would be due to their availability and freshness.
vegetables can stop oxidation
There are plenty to choose from. Examples of these vegetables are broccoli and cauliflower. Broccoli has carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin. Cauliflower contains a chemical compound called sulforaphane. Either has about 3083 mmol of antioxidant power. Red cabbage is also another that has vitamin C and K, and anthocyanins with 2.2 mmol of antioxidants.

Tests To Discover Food With High Antioxidant Content

Scientists test many legumes, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. That is to discover their “antioxidant power”. These exams are the ones that can determine the food with high antioxidant content. The results of testing different greens are available in books and online. We only need to do some research to find those values.
Some use the test tube analysis called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. That is to get the ORAC value. Others use the Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power or FRAP assay. This article also based the advice on the results of these tests. They helped point out which foods have antioxidants and many of them.

Who These Vegan And Good Antioxidant Foods Are For

All types of food with high antioxidant amounts are for everyone. Kids, adults and the elderly can enjoy their tastes and the health benefits they provide. But scientists and other health experts recommend them to specific individuals too. Some of these persons are as follows because of the free radicals they produce.
  • Those who do excessive physical activities.
  • Individuals with acute or chronic health issues that involve inflammation.
  • People who have unhealthy vices such as smoking.
  • Folks with occupations that expose them to polluted environments.


Food With High Antioxidant Levels Are What Vegans Eat

Good antioxidant foods are not that difficult to find but it takes effort to use them well. It is not enough to only have them for storage and consumption. We need to categorize the list of foods rich in antioxidants and eat them right.
Tips When Consuming Vegetarian Food With High Antioxidant Amount
  • Hours before average or intense activities and exposure to harsh or polluted environments. Fruits and vegetables take time to digest. But it is important to have the right amount since excess causes digestive problems.
  • They still have macronutrients so group them to find out which has the most and least carbs, protein, and fat. We must eat them while limiting our intake to only reaching our daily dietary needs. If possible, bear in mind their micronutrients to avoid having a deficit or surplus.
  • Try to incorporate them in meals and snacks to have divided feeding. Because of their fiber content, it may be challenging for the gut to process so many at once.

Enjoy Antioxidant Rich Foods Everyday

Vegans are conscious of free radicals nowadays. Eating vegan food with high antioxidant content has become a remedy. They address the issue of oxidative stress. It’s become easy to look for good antioxidant foods too. Thanks to research and tests like the ORAC and FRAP assay, lists of these food items are accessible too.
It does make sense to have vegan foods with plenty of antioxidants. The body likely doesn’t produce enough of these molecules. Having more is often effective in neutralizing free radicals. Besides, these foods provide other health benefits. It’s only that moderation is essential.

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