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Traditional Vegan Burrito Recipe

Authentic burritos might contain beans with or without chicken or beef and sometimes pork. Our traditional vegan burrito recipe contains no meats or cheeses. However, with a full array of flavors, you won’t miss the animal products.

In some regions of Mexico, burrito stuffing consists of just meat and beans. Simple and filling. However, other regions include a variety of ingredients. When considering the authentic Mexican burrito then, it depends greatly on the region. Therefore, we focus on a full flavored, nutritious burrito that might seem a bit Americanized. However, it is indeed an authentic version in some regions of Mexico.


Use some or all of the fillings, according to your own preferences.


  • With all ingredients ready to use, warm one tortilla (we use a hot skillet and flip the tortilla over once)
  • Add warm ingredients, then cold.
  • Fold (see video)
  • Enjoy!

For a festive family dinner night, let each person fill and roll their own burrito. Likewise, your festive Mexican party guests might enjoy creating their own burritos!

traditional vegan burrito recipe

Traditional Vegan Burrito Recipe

We encourage you to include pinto beans, black beans, or a mixture of the two in your burritos. Beans contain no cholesterol and little to no fat. However, they are nutritional powerhouses.

According to Livestrong.com, Pinto beans contain a great amount of fiber, protein, and micronutrients. Also, they rank low on the glycemic index at a score of 33.

Not to be outdone, the little black bean provides an incredible amount of nutrition, too. According to Organicfacts.net, this shiny little bean offers health benefits such as heart health, cancer prevention, glucose control, and others.

What else will you include in your Mexican vegan burrito recipe? As always, the choice is yours. However, we encourage you to include a few of the other ingredients to increase the nutritional value.


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