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Are you looking for a savory, vegan-friendly meal that’ll have everyone asking for more? Try out this Vegan Jini Dosa! This Indian dish is a great way to enjoy flavor without compromising your dietary choices. It comes together quickly and can be served with an array of chutneys or sambar options. Plus, the delicious textures from the vegetables make it so satisfying to munch on. Come dive in and explore how to whip up this simple yet delicious dosa!

While cooking is fun for some, others need more time or confidence. Cooking is an art in which you start with many everyday ingredients and end up with a yummy meal. It is an excellent way to treat yourself after an exhausting day. After all, what’s better than having your favorite home-cooked recipe?


Multo Intelligent Cooking System

Multo Intelligent Cooking System

At the same time, we are sometimes in the mood to cook. We may need more time, or perhaps we may be feeling tired. Whatever the reason, there are times when all we want is to get a microwave-ready dinner. That’s where intelligent cooking tools can help you whip up a delicious recipe without much effort.

One such innovative cooking system is the Multo Intelligent Cooking System, which is suitable for preparing almost any type of recipe. Although it can cook a few dishes simultaneously, is Multo by CookingPal the right option for you?   Let’s find it out in this unbiased, hands-on Multo Intelligent Cooking System review!

What is Multo Intelligent Cooking System?

Regardless of how spacious our kitchen space is, we often want more room to work with. It always feels like we could use more countertops or cabinet space. In addition, things can get crowded when we have multiple people in the kitchen.

I’m a food enthusiast, and a few months ago, my kitchen was filled with many appliances like a microwave oven, toaster, blender, air fryer, etc. I don’t particularly appreciate cooking in a crowded, messy kitchen with different appliances occupying tons of space. I decided to look for alternatives that could help me maximize my kitchen space. That’s when I learned about smart appliances and got myself a modular cooking system – Multo by CookingPal.

Multo by CookingPal

Multo by CookingPal

The modular cooking system helped me eliminate most of the old stuff in my kitchen and start fresh. It is, in fact, a multi-purpose, multi-tasking, single-unit intelligent cooking system with many appliances. I use it for chopping, blending, mixing, grating, and even steaming.

After using it for a few months, I wrote an unbiased, comprehensive review covering everything I liked and didn’t. So, let’s know what it offers and if it is worth the purchase.

Our Verdict

“Featuring a heavy price tag, the Multo by CookingPal is a beefy, multi-purpose smart cooking appliance. Its impressive design and neat features allow users to perform various cooking tasks with a single unit, including weighing, kneading, steaming, chopping, etc., without occupying much of the kitchen space. In addition, it can replace many kitchen appliances fully. However, since Multo doesn’t have the pressure cook feature, you will still need your instant pot in the kitchen.  

One of the best features I liked about the Multo Intelligent Cooking system is its in-built step-by-step guided recipes, with new recipes added monthly. There are over a hundred recipes that even an experienced chef can prepare with ease.  

Overall, Multo is an excellent smart cooking option, especially for not-so-established chefs and cooking enthusiasts who want to prep perfect recipes. Cleaning is also easy with auto and manual modes. The bottom line is I love my Multo by CookingPal and its impressive design that helped me get rid of many appliances to have more kitchen space. I love trying new recipes and enjoying a smooth, flawless cooking experience.”



Multo Intelligent Cooking System Features

Let’s start with Multo by CookingPal features:

  • Multo by CookingPal Design

The modular intelligent cooking system comprises many parts and accessories, including a base, a control hub, and a mixing bowl. These parts allow users to configure the system according to their cooking preferences and perform different kitchen tasks. Its white, rectangular base incorporates a broad, flat profile with curved edges.

At the right, you’ll see an easily visible LED-ring power button. The system is so beautifully designed with some aesthetics. I love its power button that changes colors from green to red to orange, indicating different things. For instance, when the LED on the hub is red, it means a low battery or a system error like overheating. Similarly, the green LED turns on when the cooking completes a full circle. The orange light indicates that the bowl is not placed correctly or the lid is open. You can see additional controls on the hub that points to different things.   While designing this beautiful cooking system, the manufacturer ensured it stayed firm on the countertop by adding rubber suction cups at the base.

The mixing bowl features a shape similar to a blender pitcher. Made of stainless steel, it is pretty roomy and can hold 3.1 quarts. One of the things that I liked about it is that the mixing bowl was its durability and easy cleaning process. In addition, a couple of plastic handles allow users to lift it on and off the base. The front side has a pitcher handle which I use to pour liquids.

Furthermore, a snugly-fitted plastic lid at the top with a coverable hole allows users to add or remove ingredients. All in all, I found Multo Intelligent Cooking System a fairly beefy appliance with many convenient features.

  • Multo by CookingPal Smart Cooking Options

In addition to its beautiful design, one of the best things I liked the most about this innovative cooking system is its array of cooking options. For instance, it helped me toss off my slow cooker, toaster, and blender from my kitchen to have more free space. The cooking range of this multi-purpose, modular cooking system is broad, and you can make almost any recipe, including homemade yogurt.


Moreover, its versatility makes it an excellent microwave alternative for me. I use it for steaming, boiling, and sous purposes. In addition, you can also consider it a substitute for your trivet since you don’t have to find a place to place your mixing spoon. Furthermore, it also comes with a built-in scale, a genius inclusion for weighing ingredients.

With all honesty, I’m confident to say that I have never seen such a comprehensive kitchen appliance in my life with tons of versatility.

  • Easy Cleaning Mechanism

Although I love cooking, cleaning kitchen appliances is something only some enjoy. Besides Multo Intelligent Cooking System’s easy-to-clean stainless steel mixing bowl, the cooking system has two in-build cleaning modes. The first mode is a quick-to-wash mode for lighter cleaning. You only need to pour water and let its blade do the rest. I use this mode to rinse food remnants after finishing making a recipe.   In contrast, deep cleaning mode is where it truly showcases its versatility. Once you pour in some water, it heats and swishes it brutally. You can add some dollop soup to keep your Multo by CookingPal shining.

Furthermore, you can do so if you prefer using a dishwasher to clean your smart cooking system. The bowl and all other accessories are dishwasher-friendly and BPA-free.

  • Smart Cooking with Smart Kitchen Hub

While the Multo by CookingPal comes with many different appliances, it also includes a tech-savvy device, “the Smart Kitchen Hub.” This fat, tablet-like device is armed with an 8.9 inches touchscreen. I’m impressed with its high-gloss, IPX-4 water-resistant housing that you can easily clean; since it is water-resistant, I use a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Moreover, while I liked its traditional-tablet looks with some handy additions like a camera and a speaker, I couldn’t use these features. However, I hope future updates will make its camera and speakers functional, allowing users to listen to audio instructions.

The front side of this Smart Kitchen Hub is armed with a black bezel and a control dial underneath. In addition, fat rubber sitting means it stays put even on slipperier surfaces. The USB charging port in the kit is used to recharge the fully-enclosed battery, making it easy to use anytime.

Furthermore, the Smart Kitchen Hub feature is unique as it lets you manually control your Multo Intelligent Cooking System. It allows food enthusiasts to adjust blender speed, set temperature, and cooking time depending on their desired recipe. However, if you are too lazy like me, you can use its auto mode and let it handle the cooking process.

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity for Remote Cooking

In addition to the Smart Kitchen Hub, Multo Intelligent Cooking System has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Whenever I want to treat myself to a new recipe, I connect my cooking system to my Wi-Fi to control it from my smartphone through its app. That’s something convenient that every lazy foodie wants.

For instance, I often don’t have time to operate my Multo by CookingPal cooking system for preparing a meal. So, when I’m on the go or getting late for work, I reset the timer from my smartphone and schedule a meal.

  • Online Recipe Library

One of the best features I liked the most about my Multo by CookingPal is its online library with many delicious recipes. The library is comprehensive and includes videos and photos of different recipes. So, whenever I want to try something new, I go through its library, choose a recipe, and it walks me through a step-by-step process.

I tap the screen to perform the next step whenever I complete a stage. In addition to in-built recipes, you can browse recipes based on a particular lifestyle. For instance, vegans can have vegetarian-specific, gluten-free, keto recipes. Moreover, the library also gets automatic monthly updates, adding new downloadable recipes.

While I see my Multo Intelligent Cooking System as flawless for preparing built-in recipes, the system could be leggy for randomly searched recipes. For instance, my experience using it for my bread recipes could have gone better had I not had to move the bowl manually for proper heating.

In addition, although the bowl has a built-in heating system, the highest timer range for manual mode is 99 minutes. It means if you are trying to cook something that needs a lot of heat for at least four to five hours, that won’t work. Ninety-nine minutes heating timer is not the best option for many hard-cooked recipes.





What Needs Improvement?

Although the Multo Intelligent Cooking System is a powerful, innovative cooking system, it needs improvement in some areas.

  • No Voice Instructions

Although Multo by CookingPal has a speaker, I found the feature useless since there are no voice control or Amazon Alexa instructions. While all the recipes have step-by-step guides, reading the instructions to perform your next step isn’t convenient while cooking. Having Amazon Alexa guiding you through voice notes offers a smooth cooking experience. However, I hope their next update will come with a working speaker.

  • Excellent Hardware, Laggy Software for Smart Cooking

While the hardware of this innovative cooking system is promising and is armed with all the accessories, I could be more impressed with its software. For instance, the blade doesn’t rotate for some of my recipes that need at least 8-hour cook time. There are better options than this cooking system for slow-cook recipes. You don’t have the opportunity to set the timer for over 99 minutes, even in manual mode.

  • Limited Kneading

Another area where Multo Intelligent Cooking System disappointed me is its poor kneading ability. For instance, the kneading process is complete; a few options require moving your recipe somewhere warm to complete the cooking process. I also tried contacting their tech team to know if any updates were coming but got no response—yet another red flag.

Is Multo Intelligent Cooking System Worth the Purchase?


Multo by CookingPal is a compact, multifunctional, modular food processor with many appliances within a single unit. The modular food processor justifies its hefty price tag with its beautiful design, easy cleaning, and many cooking options, including steaming, kneading, and grinding. In addition, while it is an excellent cooking system for experienced but too lazy-to-cook individuals, it also has a library of guided recipes for the novice. You can cook your favorite recipes remotely with the Multo by CookingPal in your kitchen. The bottom line is that the price tag is hefty, but it carries tons of value, considering that it can replace many appliances in your kitchen.


What is the Multo Intelligent Cooking System?

The Multo Intelligent Cooking System is a cutting-edge food processor designed to simplify and elevate vegan cooking experiences.

How does the Multo system assist with vegan cooking?

The Multo system comes with pre-programmed vegan recipes, making it easy to create delicious plant-based meals with just a few simple steps.

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