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Summer grilling traditions are sacred, but what if your living space doesn’t boast a backyard for those outdoor barbecues or the weather refuses to cooperate? No worries – let me introduce you to the unsung hero of my kitchen, the Ninja FG551 6-in-1 Indoor Grill. This compact powerhouse doesn’t just wear the crown for grilling; it conquers baking, toasting, and even pan-frying with an elegance that took me by surprise. In this firsthand exploration,


I’ll guide you through the plethora of features this kitchen wizard possesses, sharing insights from my culinary escapades. Whether you’re yearning for the sizzle of your favorite grill marks amid winter or simply itching to redefine your kitchen game, join me as we uncover the wonders of the Ninja FG551 6-in-1 Indoor Grill.

Outdoor grilling sessions hold a special place in our hearts – the laughter of guests, the sizzle of delicious ingredients, and the joy of a relaxing family meal. However, even in the summer, unpredictable weather or our living circumstances can throw a wrench into our outdoor grilling plans. That’s where the Ninja FG551 Grill is one of my go-to solutions, turning every season into grilling season.


You see, the charm of grilling is wider than the great outdoors. There are moments when firing up the gas or charcoal grill isn’t feasible, whether due to a sudden downpour or the constraints of our living space. Enter the Ninja FG551, a versatile indoor grill that seamlessly integrates into my culinary repertoire. It’s not just a fair-weather friend; it’s become my all-season grill, ready to deliver that grilled perfection whenever the craving strikes.


In those instances when the skies aren’t cooperating, or I’m yearning for a cozy indoor cooking session, the Ninja FG551 effortlessly takes center stage. Its ability to transcend the limitations of outdoor conditions makes it a reliable companion, ensuring that the joy of grilling isn’t confined to specific months or locations. It’s a game-changer, allowing me to infuse that unmistakable grilled flavor into my favorite dishes year-round, irrespective of what’s happening outside.


Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill

Patio BBQ Fun

Let’s Look at the Features of This Versatile Cooking Option

1. Cyclonic Air Technology:

  • Utilizes cyclonic air heated to 500°F for grilling and air frying.
  • Allows for grilling and frying without the need for additional oils.

2. Powerful Performance:

  • 1760-watt grill efficiently handles all cooking needs.

3. Non-Stick and Easy Cleanup:

  • Cooking surfaces on the grill, basket, and pot are non-stick, PTFE/FOA-free, and ceramic coated.
  • Ensures easy cleanup after use.

4. Six Cooking Functions:

  • Grill
  • Air Crisp (air fry)
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Dehydrate

5. Smart Cook System with Thermometer:

  • Features the Foodi Smart Thermometer.
  • Allows you to select the desired doneness level, with the system managing timing automatically.

6. Extra-Large Capacity:

  • Grill grate measures 9 inches x 12 inches, providing ample space for various foods.
  • Capable accommodate about 24 vegan hot dogs or enough veggie kabobs for the whole family.

7. 4-Qt Crisper Basket:

  • Ideal for air-frying fries, veggies, or other small bites.
  • Wider and shallower than the previous model, it air fries up to 2 pounds at a time.

8. 4-Qt Cooking Pot:

  • Perfect for preparing side dishes or entrees.
  • Works wonders for cooking vegetable medleys.

9. Easy Cleaning:

  • Designed for easy and hassle-free cleaning.

10. Recipe Book Inclusion:

  • Includes a recipe book, though modifications may be needed for vegan preferences.
  • Vegan-friendly recipes available at VeganGlobetrotter for a seamless cooking experience.

Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill

Veggie Kabobs

Noteworthy Facts About the NINJA INDOOR GRILL

  • The Grill functions like your outdoor grill but without the smoke. With the added thermometer, it helps you grill to perfection.
  • The Ninja Indoor Grill air fryer allows you to enjoy crispy foods such as your favorite fries or zucchini sticks with about 75% less fat than deep frying.
  • Baking is easy with this mini-oven, too. You can bake cookies, desserts, and even hand pies with the Ninja FG551.
  • It roasts a family-sized seitan roast without heating your kitchen.
  • Broiling your garlic potatoes and Brussels sprouts is accessible in the Ninja, too.
  • Dehydrating foods used to require a particular dehydrator. But the Ninja Indoor Grill features a dehydrator function to allow you to dehydrate your favorites safely without extra equipment.
  • Convenience! This grill works inside your small apartment or large estate. The Nina indoor grill saves the day when the weather is not cooperating. And it works for everyday cooking, too.

The Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill Is Not Perfect


Consider these facts before investing:

  • While it is an excellent countertop size, the Ninja FG551 does not have the same cooking surface as your extra-large outdoor grill. You might find the unit too small to be helpful if you have a large family. However, for a family of 1-4, it does well.
  • Some foods produce more smoke than we would prefer for indoor cooking.
  • If you plan to use this for various functions, it’s a good choice. But if your primary use will be a single function, such as an air fryer, consider opting for a single-use product like this Ninja air fryer.
  • Some food cooking odors do seem to float through the air. This might be a good thing if you are making a batch of gingerbread cookies. However, you might not be happy if the odor is less desirable.

Ninja FG551 Dominates the Competition

  • Unmatched Versatility:
    • Ninja FG551 offers six-in-one functionality, excelling in grilling, air frying, roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydrating.
    • Competitors like the Ninja AG301 and AG400 fall slightly behind with five cooking functions, and the SP101 lacks air frying.
  • Smart Cooking at its Finest:
    • FG551 features the Smart Cook System and Foodi Smart Thermometer for precise and automated cooking.
    • AG301, SP101, and AG400 lack these smart features, leaving them trailing in automated and precise cooking.
  • Cyclonic Grilling Technology:
    • FG551 and AG301 benefit from Cyclonic Grilling Technology for efficient grilling and air frying.
    • SP101 misses out on this technology, and AG400 falls short by not incorporating it.
  • Virtually Smoke-Free Operation:
    • FG551 and AG301 provide a virtually smoke-free experience during grilling and air frying.
    • SP101 lacks this feature, and AG400, despite being a smart grill, falls behind in delivering a smoke-free experience.
  • XL Grill Grate for Ample Cooking Space:
    • FG551 leads with an extra-large grill grate, measuring 15.7 inches by 16.54 inches.
    • AG301 and AG400 lack this feature, potentially limiting their capacity for larger meals.
  • Consistent High Wattage:
    • FG551, AG301, and AG400 boast a consistent wattage of 1760 for powerful and efficient cooking.
    • SP101, while close in wattage, slightly falls behind at 1750 watts.

So, the Ninja FG551 asserts its dominance in the indoor grill and cooking appliance arena, outperforming its competitors with unparalleled versatility, innovative cooking features, advanced technologies, and a design that caters to various cooking needs. For those seeking a top-tier indoor grill, the Ninja FG551 is a cut above the rest, delivering an exceptional cooking experience that sets it apart.

Rave Reviews for the Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill


In indoor grilling, the Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 has garnered many positive reviews, showcasing its exceptional performance and versatility. Users from different walks of life have shared their experiences, highlighting key features that set this grill apart from the competition.

Versatility and Culinary Excellence: Users consistently praise the FG551 for its unparalleled versatility, offering six different cooking functions that cater to various culinary needs. From air frying and grilling to roasting, baking, dehydrating, and searing, this indoor grill is a culinary powerhouse. Many users express delight in the grill’s ability to consistently deliver perfectly cooked and crispy results across a spectrum of dishes, from chicken wings and salmon fillets to vegetables and desserts.


Innovative Cooking Features: The inclusion of smart cooking features, such as the Smart Cook System and Foodi Smart Thermometer, has received widespread acclaim. Users appreciate the precision these features bring to the cooking process, ensuring their dishes are always cooked to perfection. The ability to achieve precise doneness levels, especially in dishes like BBQ chicken breasts, has impressed and satisfied users.


Air Frying Excellence with Minimal Oil: The air fryer function is a game-changer, allowing users to enjoy crispy dishes with minimal oil. The positive feedback on this feature emphasizes its effectiveness in producing delightful results, including perfectly cooked fries and vegetables. Users note the significant reduction in oil usage while maintaining the desired crispiness—a feature that adds to the overall appeal of the FG551.


Ease of Use and Cleanup: Simplicity in operation is a common theme in the positive reviews. Users consistently highlight straightforward controls, quick heat-up time, and large cooking capacity as critical factors contributing to the ease of use. The dishwasher-safe components enhance the overall user experience, making cleanup a breeze.


Recommendations and Overall Satisfaction: Many users wholeheartedly recommend the Ninja FG551, considering it a valuable investment in their culinary endeavors. The appliance’s ability to make cooking more enjoyable, the improvement in taste compared to conventional methods, and the reduction in overall cooking time contribute to an overwhelmingly positive user satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill has proven to be a favorite among users who appreciate its versatility, intelligent features, and exceptional cooking results. The positive reviews collectively emphasize its ability to elevate indoor cooking experiences and make it a standout choice for those seeking a top-tier indoor grill.

Is the Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill Worth Investing In?

If you’re searching for an indoor grill that transforms your cooking experience, look no further than the Ninja FG551. Having immersed myself in its capabilities, I can confidently attest to its status as a kitchen game-changer.


The six-in-one functionality of the FG551 is a culinary dream. Whether I’m air frying, roasting, baking, broiling, or dehydrating, this grill has exceeded my expectations on every front. Its variety makes it my go-to for any occasion, from quick weekday dinners to weekend gatherings with friends.

One standout feature that has made a noticeable difference is the intelligent thermometer function. Precision in cooking has always required more effort. With the Smart Thermometer at my disposal, every dish emerges perfectly cooked, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring consistently delicious results.


As someone who loves the smoky flavor of grilled food, the FG551 has become my go-to solution, rain or shine. Its versatility shines through with Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Broil, and Dehydrate functions, delivering that coveted grilled flavor without the weather’s mercy. Even on snowy days, I’ve found joy in firing up the Ninja FG551, confident that my culinary creations will be spectacular.


So, if you’re contemplating a new addition to your kitchen lineup, the Ninja FG551 is more than a purchase—it’s an investment in elevating your cooking adventures. Don’t let a bit of snow dampen your grilling spirit; unleash the FG551’s potential and savor the delicious results, no matter what the temperature is outside. Your journey to culinary excellence starts with the Ninja FG551—discover it today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill suitable for year-round use, and how does it handle different cooking functions?

Absolutely! The Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill is designed for all-season use, ensuring you can enjoy the delights of grilling, baking, toasting, and pan-frying regardless of the weather outside. Its six-in-one functionality caters to various cooking needs, making it a versatile companion for numerous occasions.

Can the Ninja FG551 deliver authentic grilled flavor, and how does it compare to traditional outdoor grilling?

Yes, the Ninja FG551 delivers that authentic grilled flavor without an outdoor setup. Its innovative design and features, including Cyclonic Air Technology, ensure efficient grilling and air frying. While it may differ slightly from traditional outdoor grilling, users often find the results equally delightful, with the added advantage of grilling indoors.

How user-friendly is the Ninja FG551, and what are some standout features according to user experiences?

The Ninja FG551 is lauded for its user-friendly design, featuring straightforward controls and a quick heat-up time. Real user experiences highlight the appliance’s versatility, ease of use, and the convenience of the Smart Thermometer for precise cooking. The air fryer function, dishwasher-safe components, and large cooking capacity are standout features, contributing to its positive reception among users.

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